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Can You Learn To Play Piano Online?

You may be wondering about how you can learn how to play piano. Probably you can’t find a teacher, or afford to buy DVDs to show you how to play or whatever other reason. There’s likely a way to learn online, of course. After all, there are a lot of websites online that claim to be able to teach you how to play the piano. The trouble is, can they really? You might wonder whether it’s really possible to learn without a teacher being present or anything, and there are several advantages and disadvantages to learning how to play piano online. You have to teach yourself when you try to learn to play piano online on your own, and you’ll have to use a variety of resources to manage a solid learning experience.

There’s a big flaw to learning any physical skill online - there isn’t an instructor around to watch you, listen and correct your mistakes. You can damage your hands because you may end up not positioning your hands correctly. Long-term injury of the fingers and wrists is possible. The hands should always be positioned naturally when playing the piano and they should be allowed to relax as naturally as possible. Your wrists should be aligned properly to prevent stress on the joints, and this holds true for the fingers when you’re playing the piano.

Your computer needs to be set up properly to play audio to learn and recognise notes. If there’s no piano near the computer, going back and forth from the piano to the computer can be tedious. This can cause your online piano lessons to be very time-consuming – you may find it difficult to keep focus with all the going back and forth. You really should try your best to have all of your necessary materials immediately at hand.

Another possible drawback is that the online lessons could be laid out in a confusing method, so you don’t know how to follow them.

For all the disadvantages, playing piano online does have a few good points. You can create your own practice schedule, for example. There doesn’t have to be a certain time to play, just practice as and when you feel like, as long as you practice regularly. There’s also a lot of information to find right at your fingertips – you can learn piano technique, download musical scores, download MIDI songs, creation programs, and you can also shop online for songbooks and DVDs. The materials and information that are available to you online, to me, pretty much offset the lack of face-to-face instruction.

It’s up to you whether to play piano online. If you want the freedom of learning at your own pace and schedule, learning online is the best course, and you have plenty of different types of files and e-books, along with Youtube videos. Just ignore the comments for the most part. If you want to take the more orthodox route, look for a teacher so you’ll be able to get constructive criticism when you need it.