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Video Piano Lessons

Many people consider taking up piano lessons at some point in their life. The problem is there may not be enough extra time in a daily schedule to squeeze lessons in. There also may not be money in the budget to pay for a piano instructor. For all these reasons and so many more, video piano lessons is a great alternative to traditional piano lessons.

The format of video piano tutorials is fairly straightforward. You watch a video that shows someone playing the piano and then you follow those actions. Move through the lessons at your own pace with no one watching over your shoulder making you feel uncomfortable. You can stop, start and re-play any portion of the video lesson that you are having problems with.

Start by looking for video piano lessons online or in a video store. As the video lesson gets underway, you will learn the keyboard layout. A piano keyboard consists of white and black keys that represent musical notes or spaces in between notes. You will learn where middle C is located. This is the primary starting point not only for beginners but for most piano musical selections as well. Middle C falls in the center of the piano keyboard and between the treble and bass clef of the grand staff on sheet music.

From here video piano lessons cover the grand staff representation. This is where the notes come together to create a staff. The staff is where musical notes are written. There will be a lesson on how to read musical symbols. These are the foundation from which music is born. Video piano lessons cover the transposition and intervals of symbols by utilizing an interactive staff. Selections of video lessons include games that help you learn musical vocabulary.

Another aspect of video piano lessons is learning the building blocks of piano. This is done with an overhead view of an actual person playing the piano. You can gain a visual feel for the notes that are played and the corresponding keys to each note. Songs are based on structure. Components of that structure are chords and scales. You must know how the chords and scales work together in order to understand how musical compositions come together. For example you will learn that major chords give off a lighthearted tone to the music while minor chords produce a melancholy feel.

Video piano lessons let you explore the art form of piano playing at your own pace. Find a video that specializes in a certain form of music that you are interested in. Learn the basics of music theory. Develop a new love for jazz piano, blues piano, classical piano or other formats of music that you may previously not had an interest in. Learn how that style of music is played and the integral note differences that give it a unique style.

Video piano lessons are a great way to learn the art of playing the piano. Visit your local video store and start on your way towards piano playing.